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What Aspects Of The Coming Total Solar Eclipse Are Most Critical For Astrophysics?

Image showing totality in a previous  solar eclipse. The Sun is totally blocked out by the Moon - in the line of sight- and the solar corona is seen expanding from the solar limb

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Graphic showing the path for Aug. 21 total eclipse - and the partial zones to either side, with the percentages of the Sun to be covered.

As we approach August 21 and the first total eclipse to appear in in the U.S. in38 years, many are trying to stay ahead of the fervid hype. Here are the only two things you need to know: 1) In most of the U.S. the eclipse will be seen as partial only and you need special glasses in order to observe the transition to maximum coverup, and 2) If you want to observe the total eclipse (see top image) you will have to travel to some place within the band of totality (see graphic).  For example, in our location (Colorado Springs) the Sun will be roughly 85 percent covered.

Here's the skinny on stats for this eclipse: Approximately 12 million Americans will be directly in the totality band shown in the graphic. Another 88 million will be within 200 miles of some place inside the totality band. Naturally then, those living in communities right in the band (e.g. Jackson Hole, WY, St. Joseph, MO) are expecting eclipse watchers to pour in and pump up their economies - buying t-shirts, special glasses and other paraphernalia.

While the basic image of totality will be the appeal for casual observers,  and even partial eclipse will occur for (and excite)  many others, this doesn't hold quite the same spell for solar physicists or astrophysicists. They look to good observations made during totality, namely to be able to record and analyze the solar corona.   This is the outermost region of the solar atmosphere, at millions of kelvins temperature and extending sometimes millions of kilometers into space.

The corona up to now has presented a mystery, especially in terms of its "inverse" increasing temperature profile considered in the context the general temperature profile is steadily decreasing from the Sun's interior to outside.   For example, the Sun's "surface" or photosphere has an effective temperature of 5,777 K .   The corona's temperature by contrast is at least 2 million degrees K.

How did we find this out?  The key breakthrough probably arrived in 1939 when astronomer Walter Grotrian found that a previously discovered spectral line (attributed to "coronium") was actually 13 times ionized iron. Since it takes enormous energy to ionize even one iron atom (meaning stripping one of its outer electrons away) this meant the liron had to be subject to enormously high temperatures.  Indeed, such ions can only exist in plasmas with temperatures between 1 million and 5 million K.

The first clue as the cause of the extraordinary hearing came with high altitude rocket flights in the 1970s, bearing x-ray telescopes. These showed  features down to a resolution of 1 arcsec or 730 km.  Careful observations showed a positive correlation between the x-ray brightness of active regions (i.e. containing complex sunspots) and plasma-filled magnetic loops, e.g.

The above image was taken by the much more recent Atmospheric Imaging Assembly, built for the Solar Dynamics Observatory . But you easily get the idea noting the brightness (representative image taken at  211Å) and the magnetic loop structures.

Another milestone occurred when Eugene Parker predicted the hot corona must expand into space as a solar "wind". It could not remain stationary or in place with no expansion. The proof of this is left at the end for those interested.

The next question, of course, is where the energy comes from not only to heat the corona but accelerate the solar wind which is an extension of it.  We believe now that MHD or "magnetohydrodynamic" waves of some time provide an answer.   Field lines such as shown in the previous image are rooted at both ends in the Sun's convection zone where they are jostled by the churning of convective cells.  If sufficiently rapid these field line motions could generate magnetic waves capable of carrying energy upward into the loop.   It seems that Alfven waves e.g.

are the most effective in reaching coronal heights. (Alas, Alfven waves do not compress the ambient plasma so we still need to identify some other mechanism that can effectively transfer the wave energy to the plasma. A clue may lie with Landau damping, say associated with a beam (or 2-stream)  instability in the plasma. We have a dual Maxwellian profile,

In the region where the slope is positive (f(v)  / v > 0) there is a greater number of faster than slower particles so a greater amount of energy is transferred from particles to associated (e.g. Alfven) waves.  Since f eb contains more fast than slow particles a wave is excited.

But in Landau damping, with the slope negative (f(v)  / v < 0) the number of particles slower than the waves phase velocity exceeds the number of those that are faster. Thus, more particles gain energy from the wave than lose energy to it.

Whatever new data the eclipse generates, and there will be lots of it, we can be confident that the mysteries of the solar corona won't be solved even after it's all analyzed and multiple papers published. But I will keep readers abreast of any new findings say that appear in the next 8-12 months.

Those interested in actual scientific participation are invited to go to the Globe Observer site, where you can collect the app and then be prepared to make temperature measurements.

See also:

Proof that the corona can't be stationary:

A static corona  superficially appears  to be quite reasonable but that’s why we need to test this is so. The first one to do this was Sydney Chapman. He began by first assuming the condition for hydrostatic equilibrium applied:

dp/ dr = -
r {GMs/ r2}

where G is the usual Newtonian gravitational constant, and
r defines the plasma density for the corona, while Ms is the mass of the Sun, and r the distance from the solar center:

r = n(mp)

with n the number density for protons

The coronal pressure (P) is given by:

P = 2 n T

Provided both protons and electrons are assumed to have the same temperature.

The thermal conductivity of the corona is dominated by electron thermal conductivity and takes the form:

k = ko T 5/2

for typical coronal conditions the value of
k is about 20 times the value of copper at room temperature.

The coronal heat flux density is:

q = -
k Ñ T

A static corona means heat inputs cancel heat outputs so that the divergence:

Ñ× q = 0

Assuming a spherical symmetry for the corona one can write:

1/r2 [d/dr (r2
ko T 5/2  dT/dr)] = 0

    Obviously the preceding assumptions mean there must be some distance where the coronal temperature becomes zero.

From the above equation one should be able to show:

d(T 7/2) = 7/2 (F To 5/2)/ 4
p ko d(1/r) = C d(1/r)

where C is a constant.

The integral is:

To 7/2 - T 7/2 = C[ 1/Ro - 1/r]

Now, set the temperature at infinity (T) to zero and obtain:

C = Ro To 7/2 

which fixes the total flux at:

F = 2/7   [4
p Ro ko To ]

After another step, one finds:

T(r) = To (Ro / r) 2/7

    This gives the temperature T at a distance from the Sun= r. This is based on using a defined value (say To = 2 x 106 K) at a defined distance, say Ro = 7 x 108 m.

    For example, at the Earth’s distance (r = 1.5 x 1011 m) one would find: T = 4.3 x 105 K

    This seems fine, until one examines the pressure.

    Analogous to the temperature formalism, we have, the pressure p(r) at some distance r defined by:

p(r) =

p(Ro) exp [7/5 GMs mp/ 2 T(Ro) Ro {( Ro / r)5/7 – 1}]

    Now, if one allows r to approach infinity, e.g. r
®¥ an interesting thing occurs in the equation, as we can see. That is, the denominator of the first term in the end brackets becomes so large (Ro / ¥) that the first term vanishes.

Then we are left with the expression for the pressure:

¥) = p(Ro) [exp – 7k/5 * 1/ T(Ro) Ro]

where ‘k’ denotes a constant composed of all the constant quantities in the previous eqn. (G, M, mp etc)

    Substituting the given values into the above, one finds p(Ro) multiplied by a factor

exp[0] = 1

    The reason is that the exponential of a very small and negative valued magnitude
® 0


¥)  »  p(Ro)

But this can’t be since the pressure of the coronal base would then be the same as the value at infinity!

    This led astrophysicists to conclude an unphysical result, and that the static coronal model couldn’t be accurate.

    If the static model were accurate, the pressure at infinity should be zero, p(
¥)   = 0, not a small finite pressure that’s effectively equal to the coronal base pressure. This finding led to the further investigations that disclosed a solar “wind” had to flow outwards from the corona.

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John McCain's Anti- Skinny Repeal Vote Has The Right Squealing

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In most of the Right media the caterwauling and whining can still be heard concerning Sen. John McCain's dramatic late night vote against the Senate's "skinny repeal". Most people at the time failed to recognize the skinny repeal was actually a Trojan horse to turn the bill over to the GOP House where Medicaid could be eliminated by 2020,   see e.g.

Republicans admit it: 'Skinny repeal' is a Trojan horse to turn Trumpcare over to the House

This although the lingo in the bill voted on by the Senate affirmed Medicaid would not be touched.

The main charge against McCain's vote has been one of "betrayal" but linked to "voting against the bill to spite Trump".  The reason given that this was payback for Drumcpf's campaign slur that John McCain was not a genuine war hero.  Most recently Trump railed against McCain during his tirade to defend to Ku Kluxers and Nazis who terrified Charlottesville last weekend. See e.g. the excellent Vice documentary:

In response to a reporter's question Trump huffed; "Oh yeah, John McCain,  who killed the plan for Americans to get better health care."

In fact, John McCain saved their bacon by torpedoing the Trojan horse so it could never find its way to the House and see Medicaid eviscerated for over 75 million who depend on it.  This includes many lower middle class Americans suffering from pre--existing conditions, as well as oldsters who've exhausted their saving for nursing home care and need Medicaid monies to continue. (Unless the Repukes want relatives to shoot them and put them in backyard graves.)

Anyway, the latest bellyache has been in a WSJ editorial ('John McCain's Defense Cut', Aug. 11, p. 12) which equated McCain's vote to a "defense cut". As the editorial put it:

"his vote to kill health reform means that entitlements like Medicaid will continue to squeeze the Pentagon like an ever tightening vise long after he has retired......spending on Medicare and other entitlement programs - is up from 25 percent in the 1960s - and 42 percent in the mid- 1980s. That leaves much less for the military - which has dropped to about 15 percent of the federal fisc from more than 25 percent in the 1980s."

Several points in rebuttal:

- Medicare is NOT an "entitlement". Citizens had to pay in via their payroll (FICA) taxes to get it and also it does not cover everything (dental, eye glasses, only 80 % of procedures etc.)  In the past two weeks alone I've had to shell out more than $1700 for a new crown and filling. This is why seniors are advised to have at least $250,000 on hand in savings to cover what Medicare doesn't.

- Of course spending on Medicare is up from the 1960s, the population of the country has DOUBLED since then! WTF does the WSJ want anyway, spending to remain constant while the population (including elderly) grows?

- The military spending at 15 % of the federal budget in the 1980s was largely due to Reagan' overspending on defense - including the idiotic Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) which literally altered the nation's fiscal destiny to emerge as a debtor - after $2.1 trillion was spent.

Since 9/11 the anomalous defense spending has continued  the assault on domestic needs spending. Specifically, the Bushies ramped up defense spending to 2.4% of GDP as opposed to 1.2%, Former Defense analyst Chuck Spinney predicted it would incept a “war on Social Security and Medicare”. He predicted the total costs of military spending, including in Iraq, and Afghanistan and a de facto perpetual ‘war on terror’ (as well as a burgeoning national security state) would become so great that the major social programs would be slashed to pay for the deficits engendered. How large is the military money pit?  What sort of monster must it ‘feed’?

The United States currently maintains 702 military 'installations' in 63 foreign countries (it has 4,471 bases altogether), according to the Defense Department's annual budget statement. These figures don't include bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. We also spend more on military weaponry than the next 13  nations combined. No wonder seniors’ and disabled vets are now on the chopping block .  (See the proposed Trump budget for details).

The graphic provided by the WSJ (top) actually - in the light of the preceding - shows a rational slowing of defense spending when energy inflation and cost overruns (such as with the F35) are factored in.  The growth of Medicaid merely represents how it has increased as a result of being incorporated into Obamacare to serve the needs of more citizens who need it. Many of these people - such as disabled who live at home - would have to be warehoused in large, impersonal institutions if Medicaid cuts were allowed.

The WSJ ends with this piss and moan:

"When Senator McCain cast his vote on the Senate floor he was greeted by hugs and huzzahs from Democrats, and no wonder. They understood that the Senator had preserved their entitlement state priorities at the expense of military buildup:."

In fact, whether he intended it or not, John McCain preserved medical support for millions of citizens who need it, while not enabling further growth in the already out of control military industrial complex which only encourages adventurism  The WSJ would do well to consider the words of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower:

"The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school for more than 30 cities, …two finely equipped hospitals, or 50 miles of concrete highway. We pay for a single fighter with a half million barrels of wheat. We pay for a new destroyer with new homes that could have housed 8,000 people…Under a cloud of threatening war it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.”-  President Dwight D. Eisenhower in an April, 1953 address

"Physics Girl" - Her Videos Bring Easy To Learn Physics To Everyone

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Physics Girl in Action - teaching physics with plenty of graphics and hip humor to anyone who wants to learnHer videos will be especially appealing to girls thinking about a physics career.

As I wrote in my Aug. 11 post, James Damore's  Google memo did a great disservice to women by casting their work aptitudes and skills in terms of psychological limitations derived from biology. I also noted that my  own experience has been that if a female physics student is given the opportunity to be systematic and excel in a serious challenge she will do it.  That includes individual physics projects (for science fairs) as well as team projects and advanced homework problems (say for extra course credit).

Physics itself is often perceived as a difficult subject, and many women dodge going into the field because of misperceptions - either because they believe it "too difficult" or essentially a male preserve. Both of these factored into the specialization decision of my brilliant niece Shayle, i.e. to go into clinical psychology instead of pursuing an advanced physics degree.  (This despite the fact she attained an 'A' in Physics at Advanced Level in the course of earning a Barbados Scholarship.)

It is true that many talented young women turn away from physics or engineering pursuits for similar reasons, but this need not be the case. One of the outstanding exceptions - apart from the many professional women already involved in physics and astrophysics - is "Physics Girl".   This is none other than Dianna Cowern who has made it her job to present a wide variety of short (5- 6 minute) physics tutorials with plenty of graphics and lots of hip humor.   Cowern, an MIT physics graduate, now works at the University of California San Diego's Center for Astrophysics and Space Science.

In many ways Dianna Cowern is doing for physics what former actress Danica McKellar did for girls and math, such as in her books: Kiss My Math: Showing Pre-Algebra Who's Boss,  and  Girls Get Curves: Geometry Takes Shape.

For those who want to 'dip their toes' into physics topics without being put off by math or jargon, her youtube presentations are solid gold. Indeed, they are also ideal introductions to many aspects of the subject for girls and one of Ms. Cowern's aims is to make science accessible to girls.  But truly, these short, fun learning experiences are terrific for anyone who wants to learn some physics.

Below, I've appended links  for a number of her youtube videos, with the topic headers:

1) Craziest eclipses in the solar system:

2) Why Is The Universe Flat?:

3) Seven Science Experiments With Surface Tension:

4) Woman In Science Feature- "Vomit Comet"

5) Stacked Ball Drop:

6) Calculating Pi With Darts:

7) Are Perpetual Motion Machines Possible?

8) A crystal that splits light particles:

9) How to shrink a quarter with electricity:

10) How to make a cloud in your mouth:

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Sorry, Reich Extremists, The Left DOES OWN The Moral High Ground In Charlottesville!

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Sorry! You don't get to brag about a moral high ground if YOUR side carries Nazi flags!

It seems some brainwashed Right bloggers have been touched in the head enough to believe the Nazis parading Saturday and wreaking havoc were the "good guys" and those run down and injured by James Alex Fields Jr were the "bad guys. Like their demented leader Drumpf, the right wing extremists seem to believe the Left could "not claim any moral high ground"  in the recent Charlottesville clashes. I hate  to disabuse them but they are not looking hard enough.

Look,  if there are two sides competing for a higher  moral ground, it stands to reason that - all other factors being considered-  the side NOT carrying Nazi flags and howling Nazi slogans ("Blood and soil!") automatically has the higher moral ground. Indeed, if one side (counter protesters)  is protesting against those carrying Nazi flags - it's a gimme! They win the high ground! Case closed!  Deal with it!

Two sides were present in the liberal college campus town, but only one raised Nazi flags and only one killed or injured protesters of the other side. That was the white racist savages who unleashed mace cans, urine and even an automobile to attack basically unarmed counter protesters.

The account of Rev. Tricia Blackmon here is relevant. For the duration of the racists' "free speech" march Friday night she had to be sequestered with her congregation at United Church of Christ for their own safety.  This was during a prayer service- as the howling banshee white supremacists marched outside. Even after the service ended Rev. Blackmon and her faithful had to be led out the back doors of the Church to avoid confrontation with a clearly violent bunch  - already having tossed urine bottles at peaceful counter protestors, and clubbed others with baseball bats and shields.

Was she overreacting? Only a mentally deficient person would believe so after viewing this Vice episode with spotlight on the White supremacist maggots that wreaked violence in Charlottesville:

But it shouldn't take an actual documentary showing these vermin at work to show and prove there was only one side with moral high ground. If there were two sides, for two levels or moral probity, the only side coming out clean was the one: a) not carrying any Nazi flags and spouting Nazi slogans, and b) the one that didn't kill or injure anyone. (Today was the memorial service for Heather Heyer, btw, which Trump chose not too attend. But why would he if he sides with the Nazi that killed her?)

Oh wait! There was a slight "injury" of sorts, to Alt Right Rally organizer Jason Kessler's manhood after being tackled by a babe, e.g.

Anyone - like this young woman - who tackles a racist punk - is occupying the moral high ground over him.

Reich Blogdom has also been whining that  Antifa (anti-fascists) were responsible for the violence but they are drunk or delirious.  ANTIFA actually provided protection against the White racist loons and goons who proceeded to beat and mace them.  This was on encountering several African-Americans singing "This little light of mine" near an entrance the storm troopers  should not have entered. Rev. Blackmon  observed this behavior continued on Saturday, noting the African-Americans were set upon by the White racist thugs who proceeded to beat and mace them. As Rev. Blackmon put it, "the only thing that saved them was the intervention of Antifa and other protestors" - one of whom drove the racist louts back using a spray can and a match - effectively engineering a mini flame thrower.

Let's also note that you lose any competition for the moral high ground when former Grand KKK Wizard David Duke praises Drumpf for his cowardly providing cover for these vermin. If you are on the side of David Duke you are NOT on any moral high ground, and most likely far below any "low ground". You are in effect wallowing in a moral sewer.

As MSNBC's Nicole Wallace said this morning on MSNBC:

"There are not two sides to this. There are hideous, hateful enemies of America, enemies of freedom, and there were people truly exercising their free speech."
Translation: Free speech does not include tossing urine, beating with batons or spraying mace on elderly African-Americans singing "This Little Light Of Mine" or running down a young woman in cold blood, and injuring 19 of her peers.  Get that?  If you don't you're in the wrong place typing at a keyboard, you should be holding up a Nazi or Confederate flag at the next White supremacist rally.

Oh, by the way, you don't get to invoke moral high ground by referencing the Dem party's racism 50-100 years ago!  That compounds false equivalence with false analogy. We are all about what is going on now, not in the past, from which most decent humans have evolved, moved on. If you are on the side of those who extol Nazi emblems, slogans and pro-slavery values you have not moved on or evolved and hence occupy the moral lower ground!

Trump With "2 Sides" Defense Of Nazi Sympathizers Loses All Moral Authority

"There are not two sides to this. There are hideous, hateful enemies of America, enemies of freedom, and there were people truly exercising their free speech. But he (Trump) is a disgrace" - Nicole Wallace this morning.

In three days we've come full circle and learned that Drumpf himself is not only a pathological liar but a white supremacist and Nazi sympathizer after all. This pathetic excuse for a president, in an unseemly, reprehensible rant yesterday, has now shown himself fully aligned in thinking with the Alt-Right terrorists - the Nazis, KKK  etc. - who wreaked havoc and violence Saturday on mostly peaceful protestors.

The fact this POS could also lie about the nature and actions of the protestors, referring to them as "the Alt Left" - a neologism invented by the dumbest, most conspiracy -based right freaks is itself insulting. Why? Because this POS is lying through his teeth and his ass.  Those actually on the ground and in Emancipation Park and surroundings, such as CBS' Paula Reid, and Rev. Traci Blackmon of the United Church of Christ, fully contradict the swine-in-chief's account.

Paula Reid, asked last night how well armed were both sides, replied:

"Pretty much every white supremacist demonstrator I saw had some sort of weapon. Either a helmet, a shield, a firearm, a baton. As for the counter protestors, most of them were unarmed. Many of them were members of the clergy or were students. Ovewhelmingly, the counter protesters were also the only ones I saw administering medical aid, to counter protesters who had chemical agents in their eyes and their mouth.."

Regarding the Friday night torch march:

"You had hundreds of people marching through the University of Virginia campus chanting white supremacist slogans and carrying Tiki torches. And it seems that almost helped to embolden them which is why they got to the (Saturday) rally several hours early and were already pretty amped up."

Rev. Traci Blackmon  elated on MSNBC how her congregation had to be sequestered inside their church - during a prayer service- as the howling banshee white supremacists marched outside. They were then led out the back doors of the Church to avoid confrontation with a clearly violent bunch  - already having tossed urine bottles at peaceful counter protestors, and clubbed others with baseball bats and shields.

She observed this behavior continued on Saturday when African-Americans singing a hymn  near an entrance in Emancipation Park were set upon by the White racist loons and goons who proceeded to beat and mace them. As Rev. Blackmon put it, "the only thing that saved them was the intervention of Antifa and other protestors" - one of whom drove the racist louts back using a spray can and a match - effectively engineering a mini flame thrower.

When asked by Joy Reid about whether Trump was then lying, Rev. Blackmon didn't hesitate: he lied through and through with each remark made. Hell, even Gen. Kelly had to force his eyes downward, likely in disbelief he had been brought in to try to control this sick, disgusting asshole who has no business cleaning porto-potties far less being a president.

I mean, when you have former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke applauding your spiel it's a no brainer that you're on the freaking WRONG side of events. Also anyone that stands with you is on that wrong side as well.  The nation is now approaching a moral reckoning with the reprobate in the White House and every person will have to choose sides, there will be no neutral space within which to hide.

The very spectacle of young, entitled white men venerating one of the most despicable regimes in history ought to have been a slam dunk to bring condemnation of the Alt-Right without equivocation  - but it was not. Trump actually tried to claim the racist brigands and louts who marched and killed an innocent woman (Heather Heyer) and injured 19 others were "peaceful protestors"  and "very fine people" who had a permit.  Yes, there were very fine people on the OTHER side, mainly religious clergy, people of faith, ordinary citizens.  But NONE on the white supremacist side, because NO  "very fine" person would ever be seen marching while holding Nazi swastika or Confederate Battle flags and screaming "Jews will not replace us".

If Trump had one scintilla of honor and decency he'd have visited the scene of Ms. Heyer's slaughter by now as opposed to spewing pro-Nazi venom, lies and moral ambiguity. This disgusting piece of refuse and garbage - despite obvious efforts of Gen. John Kelly to rein him in, showed his true colors: a white racist, Nazi glorifying swine - who even received praise from another swine: former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke.

In effect, after yesterday's performance, Drumpf lost whatever residual moral authority he had. He now lacks any potential authority to command or lead the nation in anything  - including against North Korea.  Most people won't believe a word he says, I sure won't!

CBS political analyst John Dickerson expressed his predicament this way:

"He was more interested in assigning blame in his remarks to those on the left and ensuring there was this equivalence in what took place than he was interested in showing moral disgust, that a president should show toward neo-Nazi protesters. Those represent beliefs that are entirely at odds with the United States, the country that he's the leader of. 

That repeated and made worse his moral failure from Saturday. Presidents are supposed to rush into these moments and unify Americans ......When he characterized the protesters he totally overlooked the Nazi slogans, flags and salutes. 

His reluctance to speak the essential truth about the neo-Nazi protesters is a failing he's now repeated twice. Republican leaders will now have to distance themselves from the president and the question is how can they get back together again.."

How did most of the clashes occur in Emancipation Park? According to the Charlottesville police chief, it was because the Nazis and KKK'ers etc. didn't follow their march and protest directions to enter the park at specific entrances.  They entered at multiple entrances thereby coming into contact with counter protestors and setting up the inevitable conflicts - given their howling Nazi slogan "Blood and soil" and "Jews will not replace us!".

As I noted two posts ago, even the right -leaning WSJ saw it that way in its editorial  ('The Poison Of Identity Politics', p. A16) today. Noting:

"The particular pathology on display in Virginia was the White Nationalist Movement...They alone are to blame for the violence that occurred when one of their own drove a car into peaceful protestors, killing a young woman and injuring 19.

The Spencer crowd courts publicity and protests and they chose the progressive university town of Charlottesville with malice aforethought.  They used unsubtle Ku Klux Klan symbolism of torches in a Friday night march, and they sought to appear as political martyrs as a way to recruit more alienated young white men."

Not long after the Swine-in-Chief's spiel David Duke tweeted : “Thank you President Trump for your honesty & courage to tell the truth about #Charlottesville & condemn the leftist terrorists in BLM/Antifa.”

Right - the "leftist terrorists" who protected elderly African-Americans singing "this little light of mine" from being clubbed to death and maced by white supremacist thugs who also pointed guns at their heads.

Meanwhile, at the site of  Heather Heyer’s death in downtown Charlottesville, mounds of flowers and chalked messages of remembrance now fan out on the road. A lone trumpeter played a somber tune, as word of Trump’s comments spread among those who had gathered to mourn. Rather than a sense of disappointment, many here had come to expect such divisive, off the cuff remarks.  One of Trump's pro-Nazi aides (like Stephen Miller) had even offered the day before to "let Trump be Trump".

And the so-called denunciation of the racists the same day came across as merely half-hearted blabber with no significance. This is exactly how it was picked up the by the Alt-Right Nazis like Richard Spencer, e.g.

Diane Townes, a 62-year-old African American working in education, said the comments were another example of Trump “shaming the victims”.  She added:

Pouting and blaming is not the way to show an example to young people.  He opened the gateway to this with his own gestures during the campaign.”

Mike Townes, Diane’s son, had heard the comments on the radio minutes before arriving at the memorial site.  He said:

I’m actually glad he’s saying it. It is showing this country who he truly is. He represents the people who came to my community as supremacists. David Duke was right about him.”

Eric Gilchrist, another mourner at the memorial, said: “We know that he is selfish and vain, but now I worry he is a sociopath, too. He needs to leave office.”  

Leave office? He needs to be routed from it!  Drumpf has brought ultimate, infernal shame not only to himself and the office of the Presidency but to the nation itself. He has now emerged as a pestilence, a virulent plague not only on the nation but the world. His every day in office fouls that office and what it represents, especially now we know exactly where this piece of filth stands.

In the words of Mike Barnacle this morning on 'Morning Joe':

"What happened yesterday because of the nature of the media and the tools we have available to us today, will live forever. And what will live forever, what will you see? You will see the President of the United States standing before the Republic diminishing the Presidency, the country and himself. You'll see the President of the United States pouring words like salt on open wounds of race, of class, of gender...."

On a high light note: Baltimore removed four Confederate monuments overnight. Good for the city where I used to live! Now, we need to multiply the removal across the nation.

See also:


"Donald Trump is a white supremacist. He has made that clear. White Supremacists are fascists. If he is allowed to remain president of the United States, then the United States as it knows itself has ceased to exist. A man who cannot condemn Nazism without walking it back inside of 24 hours is not fit for the office of the presidency, and he should not remain in office for another month, another week, another day."

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Yes, ALL The Confederate Monuments Need To Come Down.

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Dual symbols of hate: The Confederate flag and Nazi flag. No coincidence they were held aloft by the hateful Alt-right marchers in Charlottesville.  The symbols are what the extreme Right is all about.   If one claims he's "pro-white" but "not racist"  - he's using weasel words to disguise his racism.

How should we regard Confederate monuments? As icons of a respectable historical legacy or - as New Orleans' Mayor Mitch Landrieu put it,  "a part of … terrorism as much as a burning cross on someone’s lawn."   The answer delivered yesterday by angered citizens of Durham, NC is one with which I agree, e.g.

It had to be one of the coolest takedowns of an egregious monument ever, reminding many of the pull down of Saddam Hussein's statue in Baghdad.

Let's note that the Charlottesville white racist rally and terrorism was ostensibly about protesting the takedown of a statue of  the Traitor Robert E. Lee.  Deluded young Southern sympathizers - many ignorant college kids with no knowledge of history - maintained over and over that it was not about hate but rather protecting "Southern heritage". But that trope was torn asunder as we beheld the hate spectacle unfolding with Nazi swastikas held aloft along with Confederate flags. Why? Because both are symbols of hate and the Alt right nuts parading were revealing more about protecting their own hatred toward others than about their defense of history.

When two months ago, a woman (Diana Belles) writing in our local Colorado Springs Independent defended Southern monuments, stating the attacks on the Rebel flag and monuments were  “dragging Confederates through a cesspool of misinformation”,    I had to write a reply which was published a week later;  That reply can be read at this link:

Image result for Lee statue taken down in NEW. Orleans - imagesImage result for Lee statue taken down in NEW. Orleans - images
The Lee statue in N. Orleans before being taken down is shown at left. The building behind was the bldg. (Pan American Oil Corporation) where I worked from 1967-69. The removal of Lee from his perch is shown at right.

I have not changed from that viewpoint one iota. So again, given that perspective, why the display of both Confederate flag and Nazi swastika at the recent Charlottesville rally?   The Confederate battle flag, like the Nazi swastika, is the emblem of hateful aggressive losers. After the Civil War, given the South had lost, it ought to have been retired  to museums (like swastikas in Germany)  but instead had found its way to rise above state capitols, such as in South Carolina.   This transpired along with the erection of foul monuments to the cause of slavers, secessionists.....traitors and refuse all.

What about those Confederate monuments? Their presence blights communities across the nation, large and small, mainly in the South which has held on to them too long as it is. . As of August 2016, there were  1,503 public commemorations of the Confederacy, even excluding the battlefields and cemeteries: 718 monuments and statutes still stood, and 109 public schools, 80 counties and cities, and 10 U.S. military bases bore the names of Lee, Jefferson Davis, and other Confederate icons, according to a tally by the Southern Poverty Law Center. More than 200 of these were in Virginia alone. It's about damned time ALL were ripped down, like occurred yesterday in Durham, NC.

The one of Lee - at the center of the racist rally in Charlottesville  was commissioned exactly 100 years ago, a gift to the city from a local philanthropist, to honor his parents with a physical incarnation of Southern ideals. But the statue was hardly the only contemporary effort to enshrine and defend these ideals. As it was being commissioned, sculpted, and erected, the  Ku Klux Klan was surging through the country. In Charlottesville, the local Klan gave $1,000 to the University of Virginia’s Centennial Endowment Fund in 1921. At the time there was also a second Klan chapter for the students on campus. Thank goodness as the civil rights era dawned and Jim Crow ended those days are gone. The people, students themselves changed perspective - at least most of them.

The Charlottesville Lee statue stands 26-feet tall, despite its oddly small pedestal, unlike the one in New Orleans' Lee Circle which had a much taller pedestal (about 75') . But while latter day Johnny Rebs -  like letter writer Dianna Belles -  castigate  New Orleans' Mayor Mitch  Landrieu,  he did the right thing in hauling it down.

As Mayor Landrieu  explained:

"These statues were a part of … terrorism as much as a burning cross on someone’s lawn; they were erected purposefully to send a strong message to all who walked in their shadows about who was still in charge in this city,”

More recently, on the news last night, we saw the mayor of Lexington, KY- Jim Gray -  respond to Charlottesville by accelerating his efforts to move statues of two Confederate leaders from the courthouse lawn to a public park. As Mayor Gray explained in an interview with CBS News last night:

"Mayors on the razors' edge. When you see the tension. When you see the violence that we saw in Charlottesville then you know that we must act..

Civil War historian Amy Taylor (University of Kentucky-Lexington) - in the same segment - also put a finger on the nature of the ignorance:

"People haven't learned or stopped to think about the history behind these monuments. Clearly this is not about the Civil War. These are artifacts from the Jim Crow South"

In other words, they're being used merely as totems to project personal hate, bigotry or animosity against assorted minority groups. Now we know, from the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville - that includes Jews, given the Confederate supporters marched along with the Nazis.

Ironically, the rising tide of change to tear down the monuments was what the Charlottesville rally hoped to stem. The white racist punks who'd marched with their Tiki torches burning while shouting hateful slogans failed.  The next day the same punks supporting Confederates joined hands with the Nazis showing one single march for hate.   Chris Floyd, in one of the links I posted yesterday, aptly described these entitled little white punks:

"Close-ups reveal most of them to be young white college-boy types, pudgy, coddled, comfortable, smug. They're not driven by, say, economic privation or lack of opportunity or lack of education or dire threat or any of the other reasons often adduced for people turning to extremism. No: these smug, well-wadded bastards are driven solely by cankered bigotry & their delusions of racial superiority. You can look in their faces and see what quivering cowards they all are, weak and stunted souls too stupid and too scared to see themselves for what they really are. It's like an oozing sludge of Stephen Miller clones."

Was there any "history" that we needed to know in their defense of the Charlottesville Lee statue ? Hell no!  Only a history of hate and enslavement of others - Jews by the Nazis, African-Americans by the Confederates. That's where it begins and ends.  What all these little turds really need is being sent to a year long remedial American history class.

WHO is this Lee currently honored by a monument at Charlottesville which one hopes a judge allows torn down - or by the citizens themselves?  He’s the general who took an invading army north into Pennsylvania in 1863, in defense of a slave society. And not merely in the abstract. Lee’s army was ordered to respect white property, but to regard the blacks encountered as contraband—to be seized and returned to the South, whether born free, manumitted, or escaped.  Lee himself offered to whip a slave woman to death if it meant "justice" rendered after an escape.  He was a foul, vicious maggot, no better in the end than Hitler - whose own followers his white racist worshippers now march with.

As Esquire columnist Tyler Coates recently wrote:

"To my fellow Virginians and Southerners who have stood so steadfast in their refusal to see our Confederate monuments for what they are, I ask you: What does this say about our heritage? These men and women are not protesting the elimination of Southern culture and history, but rather reacting to their own deluded notions that white people are losing control of our country. When a group of men and women shout out "Jew will not replace us" in front of a statue of Robert E. Lee, what does that say about your symbol of Southern heritage? When these people brandish Nazi symbols and scream "fuck you faggots" in front of your idol, what does it say about a historical figure who supposedly stood up against a tyrannical government to protect his land?

The South lost the war. Over a century later, we're still fighting one—but it has nothing to do with states' rights or Southern pride. It is about racism, intolerance, and hatred. And at the center of it all are symbols that, despite the well-intended Southern narratives that have failed to reframe them as anything else, are the strongest representation of racism in our country's history."
It is long past time now to tear all these disgusting monuments down as the good citizens of Durham NC did yesterday.   These monuments, like the associated hate flags, are merely vehicles to advance more racial violence. In that respect let us note the tally of white domestic terror killings now numbers 40, or far more than committed by "radical Islamists" or Muslims. Will the white hate mongers pay attention or double down on the hate?  It remains to be seen. But the genuine citizens of this great country can no longer stand by in silence as these desperate white supremacy mutants attempt to tear it down in their benighted ignorance and hate..

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"Lee was an icon of the Confederacy and the architect of its defeat. He was a traitor to the United States of America. He cost humanity uncounted lives….right up to now.  Lee’s gentlemanly portraits are a surface illusion. He could be gracious and chivalrous, a dashing strategist and later a beloved college president. . 

But his core was medieval and obsolete. He was the ultimate undertaker of a culture of death."

Monday, August 14, 2017

The Charlottesville Clash - First Skirmish In The Second Civil War?

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, people walking, crowd and outdoor
White Nationalists and counter protesters clash Saturday in Charlottesville, VA.
Rescue workers assist people who were injured when a car drove through a group of people in Charlottesville.
Some of the injured tended to after one of the racists rammed them with a car.

Far-right activists marched through the University of Virginia campus with torches on Friday night.
White Nationalists march Friday night carrying torches onto the Univ. of Virginia campus in Charlottesville. The torch light ceremony reminded many of the Nazi torch light marches in the 1930s.

Even as a panel on CNN yesterday morning ruminated on whether the media ought to limit coverage of melees like in Charlottesville, Virginia some observers suspect the Second Civil War may have been born with that 2-day spectacle.  It all started on Friday night, during an unplanned (i.e. not properly scheduled)  torchlight parade,  reminiscent of many conducted by the Nazis in the 1930s. E.g. the scene below capturing a Nazi torch light parade outside Nuremberg in 1938:
Related image

In the Friday night  manifestation, the hundreds of far right marchers entered the University of Virginia campus, and set upon a much smaller group of counter protesters who were surrounding a statue of Thomas Jefferson. The Nazi-KKK terrorists beat the latter group with truncheons, poles and sticks leaving several bleeding as the vermin bellowed racist and white supremacist slogans. All of this to try to demonstrate against the removal of a statue of arch traitor Robert E. Lee.

Were the Right Nazis, racists and fascists out to emulate their forbears? Without a doubt. If not, why were so many wearing Nazi swastikas and Nazi helmets, gear? As I have repeatedly pointed out on this blog the National Socialism of the Nazis is directly tied to the RIGHT end of the political spectrum and the displays on Friday, Saturday further prove it.

Just before 11am Saturday, a formation of about 200 white supremacists were briefly halted by protesters before moving towards the south-east gate. One of their number was seen to mace a young woman who approached the group. By the time they made it in, there were well over 500 far-right protesters in the park, with about 1,000 counter-protesters in the street.

This parade was watched over by Virginia state police, police officers, and armed “Three Percent” right extremist militia members, who were dressed in fatigues and openly carrying rifles. One of the strong objections of protestors was the appearance of the latter group, mocking military and genuine law enforcement.

Offering explicitly fascist chants like “You will not replace us” and “Blood and soil”, they had been met by counter-protesters seeking to prevent their entrance to the park. Some counter-protesters, including many marching under red and black antifascist banners, sought to block the streets. This led to altercations with far-right groups, who were seen using chemical weapons, sticks and shields on their opponents.

Indeed, throughout Saturday morning -  leading up to the clearing of Emancipation Park -  massed contingents from neo-Confederate and neofascist groups such as the League of the South,  as well as the National Socialist Movement, had made their way along Market Street towards the park’s entrances.  They were determined to continue their ghastly protest all the while chanting "You will not replace us!"   and "Jews will not replace us!"

Then soon after, real citizens - unable to stomach any more of this hatred and being smacked with shields and sticks - let loose on the racists and fascists.   The latter, however, as is their wont - chose to fight dirty and diabolically with one of their number driving a car straight into a group of people peacefully protesting against them , killing one person (32 year old Heather Heyer)  and injuring 19.  The driver (James Alex Fields Jr.)  reversed out of the devastating scene and drove off, the front end of his car all smashed.

The death was announced in a tweet by the Charlottesville mayor, Mike Signer, who wrote: “I am heartbroken that a life has been lost here. I urge all people of good will – go home.”

The governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe,  earlier declared a state of emergency, even as he deplored the outside terrorists and rabble that had descended on the college town to wreak their racist havoc. Meanwhile, in classic mealy-mouthed, weasel fashion  Trump speaking from Bedminster, New Jersey, condemned the “violence on many sides”,  saying:

We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides.” Trump added that this has been “going on for a long time in our country. Not Donald Trump, not Barack Obama. A long, long time.” 

Neglecting to call out the hate mongers which thereby would have conceded the hate on display had been spiked with his own ascension, as he coddled and played to the memes of  white supremacy, even putting one of this lot (Steve Bannon) into the White House.

A White House spokesperson later amplified slightly  Trump's weasel words, saying: “The president was condemning hatred, bigotry and violence from all sources and all sides. There was violence between protesters and counter-protesters today.”

Former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke, a Trump supporter who was in Charlottesville Saturday, quickly replied. “I would recommend you take a good look in the mirror & remember it was White Americans who put you in the presidency, not radical leftists,” he wrote.

Thereby once and for all ripping off the veneer of deceit concerning the malevolent forces that ushered Trump and his cabal into office.  Indeed, dozens of the white nationalists in Charlottesville were wearing red Make America Great Again hats. Asked by a reporter in New Jersey whether he wanted the support of white nationalists, Trump did not respond.  He didn't have to. Obviously he extols and embraces these knuckledraggers and their devotion as much as he does Putin.  As WaPo columnist Jennifer Rubin put it on AM JOY yesterday, "Trump has been playing footsie with these White Nationalists all during his campaign."  Ms. Rubin added that Trump "considers them part of his base" so of course he doesn't want to offend them or upset them.

Trump rightly faced criticism for his failure to directly denounce the white supremacist demonstrators.   It was THEIR side after all who carried rifles around posing as a "militia" and their side that drove the car into the crowd. It was their side also that maced innocent protestors who merely called out the racists for what they were: Nazi and KKK vermin. By any proportionate reckoning they were the violent ones wreaking havoc, yet Trump like his rabble followers sought to portray the day's events in terms of false equivalence.

To their credit, more than a few Republicans correctly perceived this and commented. Senator Marco Rubio , for example, tweeted that it was important for Trump to describe the events as a “terror attack by white supremacists”.

Sen. Corey Gardner of our state (CO) also didn't mince words, saying Trump "needed to call evil by its name" adding:

"This is nothing short of domestic terrorism and should be named as such...These were white supremacists and this was domestic terrorism"

The police declared an unlawful assembly alert and a spokesman for the force said the Virginia national guard “will closely monitor the situation and will be able to rapidly respond and provide additional assistance if needed”.

The car attack came about two hours after state police in riot gear had cleared Emancipation Park, the site of the Robert E Lee statue. (The city’s decision in February to remove the statue drew earlier protests by the “Alt-right” and the Ku Klux Klan.)   The murdering degenerate who was responsible was identified yesterday as 20-year old James Alex Fields Jr.   Incredibly some deluded Reich bloggers  have even insisted (with presumably straight face) Fields was trying to "get away" and save his life!!!  Hey, if he was trying to make an escape he drove in the wrong direction!

The mother of this turd, Samantha Bloom, interviewed over night - with clip shown on CNN - confessed to not knowing anything about her spawn's affiliations or interests.  But later, The Daily Beast reported that Bloom, said she told her son to be “careful” if he chose to join the protests. “[And] if they’re going to rally to make sure he’s doing it peacefully,”   Looks like he didn't take mommy's advice.

Looks like she also never consulted with Fields' high school history teacher, Derek Weimer, who stated Sunday that Fields' was "enamored of the Nazis and infatuated with Adolf Hitler".

One of the Alt-Right speakers, the pro-Nazi  Richard Spencer, bawled that he had been maced on the way into the park and lashed out at police and city authorities. Recall this scumball headed the Alt Right group - the National Policy Institute. He's also been caught  in full throated homage to Nazi ideals and agendas with 'Hail Trump!" (Ger. "Heil Trump!") salutes and "Sieg Heils"  See e.g. this bunch at their recent gathering in D.C. after Trump's rise to power:

This maggot had the nerve to bellyache:

Never in my life have I felt like the government was cracking down on me until today.  We came in peace and we were effectively thrown to the wolves.”

Aw,  BWAAHAHAHA!! Forget the drama of this drama queen, the police chief noted that they did not intervene until they saw cause to do so.

Besides,  as one NAACP spokeswoman noted,  the Alt-Right rally wasn't about exercising free speech but fomenting violence and discord in a peaceful, progressive college community.

Even the right-leaning WSJ saw it that way in its editorial  ('The Poison Of Identity Politics', p. A16) today. Noting:

"The particular pathology on display in Virginia was the White Nationalist Movement...They alone are to blame for the violence that occurred when one of their own drove a car into peaceful protestors, killing a young woman and injuring 19.

The Spencer crowd courts publicity and protests and they chose the progressive university town of Charlottesville with malice aforethought.  They used unsubtle Ku Klux Klan symbolism of torches in a Friday night march, and they sought to appear as political martyrs as a way to recruit more alienated young white men."

Who are these "alienated young white men"? According to author J.D. Vance ("Hillbilly Elegy") interviewed on CBS this morning, they are "mostly from well to do middle class families". However, they suffer from at least one major detriment or flaw in their lives: e.g.  can't get along or form relationships  with women, can't fit in at their jobs, can't get along socially other than in online rat warrens (reddit, Breitbart) where they exchange hate with each other. In many ways their alienation is similar to those disaffected youngsters in Europe and elsewhere that seek meaning in their lives with Isis.

Author Vance insists that we "must not stereotype them as knuckle dragging yokels" but how else portray these losers when they conduct themselves like such?  Military fatigues, helmets, shields and mace cans? Give me a break!  If it walks like a duck, quacks like one and acts like one then it is one.

Spencer, for his part,  vowed his gaggle of outed online scum (as from 'Daily Stormer')  would not back down from protesting against the removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee. This, the same arch -traitor whose statue was already removed from Lee Circle in New Orleans several months ago. . Then when Spencer mentioned Mayor Signer by name, the crowd chanted “Jew! Jew! Jew!”

Elsewhere, a group of clergy including Dr Cornel West linked arms at the top of stairs leading to the park in its southeast corner. The Rev Seth Wispelwey, of Sojourners United Church of Christ in Charlottesville, said of the faith-based action: “We’re here to counteract white supremacy, and to let people know that it is a system of evil and a system of sin.”

The biggest trope exploded in the Charlottesville clashes? That the Left is the side "hobbled" by "identity politics". This canard was given undeserved attention in a long essay  (WSJ Review, p. C1 Aug. 12-13) entitled 'The Liberal Crack-Up' by Mark Lilla  - a "professor of humanities"  and ostensible liberal - at Columbia University.  In it he claimed:

"Liberals have lost the public's confidence by embracing the divisive, zero sum world of identity politics."

Ironically the piece came out almost as the Right's tribal nuts were demonstrating identity politics on steroids with their assorted Nazis, KKK racists, Confederates and Alt_Right screwballs wreaking havoc on the U VA campus.  As UVA professor Larry Sabato put it on CNN yesterday "it sickened me to my core".   (Sabato's residence is right near the Jefferson rotunda where the marchers passed by).

If ever there was a manifestation of white trash, pro-Trump identitarian politics it was in what we beheld in Charlottesville, spurred on by Trump. This glorified man-baby and swine provided cover for his hateful spawn by not specifically calling them out, opting instead for the palsied narrative of moral equivalence. Even at that he was unable to straight deliver his message, he had to read it from a paper.

72 years ago the U.S. smashed Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist vermin, so the inquiring,  genuine American citizen is correct to ask why we see their latter day supporters prancing around a Virginia university campus now carrying Nazi flags, e.g.

Even Sen. Orrin Hatch had to tweet that "my brother didn't lose his life fighting Hitler to have to Nazi ideas go unchallenged  at home".    On the positive side, the most gratifying image of all arrived yesterday when a young woman tackled Jason Kessler the rally organizer, who made the mistake of returning to the scene  of his crime:

Meanwhile, in Germany yesterday, a 41-year old American was punched out by a passerby German for giving the Nazi salute. (Germans, unlike too many 'Muricans, don't take kindly to saluting the Fuhrer). The Nazi salute — the right arm straight and angled slightly up, palm down — was used as a greeting and a way of expressing devotion to Adolf Hitler under the Third Reich. Germany outlawed the salute after World War II, along with Holocaust denial and other symbols and signals associated with the Nazis. A conviction can carry a prison sentence of up to three years.

We need new laws like this now in the U.S. of A. to deter our homegrown Nazis from projecting their hate, like they did in Charlottesville.

Will a Second Civil War come out of it? Who knows? But as one panel member (Jennifer Rubin) put in on AM Joy yesterday a.m. it does not bode well if Trump himself is unable to call out white supremacy and domestic terror when it arises - especially as he'd do it in a NY minute if a black person or Muslim had rammed into a crowd with a car. (Note: Trump finally did stop using weasel words today, but it is too little, way  too late. As Mayor Signer put it, he blew a good opportunity to show leadership and instead kowtowed to the haters. Hell, his own daughter Ivanka and Jeff Sessions beat him in naming the culprits).

Whether Charlottesville marks the opening clash in a 2nd Civil War in the end depends on whether ALL  Americans return to their senses after this incident. If it merely emboldens a hard core set of white supremacy Trump supporters (or a lot of others who are invested in Breitbart, and fake news)  then the stage is set for future clashes. These are also likely to get ever more violent, possibly with guns used (guns were toted by the 'Three Percent')  racists in Charlottesville).  Indeed, the "Unite the Right" bunch that was finally forced to leave the campus has vowed to return with larger numbers. Let us hope they don't bring loaded weapons with them.

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Fracking Craze Resumes - And You'd Be Wise Not To Buy A Home In NE Colorado

A drilling rig operates in Erie in 2015.

It was heart breaking to read the recent Denver Post account of the clash between homeowners in assorted northeastern Colorado communities and the fracking industry  (August 6, p. 1A, 16A). People who not too long ago plopped enormous money into new homes near the Front Range now are faced with the brutal fact they can't sell them for a lousy dime. Who wants to live near fracking -drilling operations, no matter how grand the interior (or exterior) of a home?  And that's even given the home building crunch in the state.

What's even worse is that the problems of noise, oil fumes, methane leaks (such as caused the explosion of a home in Firestone killing two) are likely going to occur even more as the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission - a fake name if ever there was one - has approved or received nearly 3,400 new drilling permits as of mid-July. Even accepting not all of the new permit applications approved will end up as new wells, many will.  Also, permits show where the oil-gas producers want to go and as the Post noted "much of the activity is centered in Colorado's prime growth corridor."

In the Post's activity analysis (op. cit. p. 16A) it was found that of the 100 townships examined (each measuring 36 square miles) "55 were rural with few inhabitants and 45 contained incorporated areas." However, the numbers are misleading given that "the number of permits in rural regions were about half that in populated areas."

The Wattenberg Field tract is a case in point. Of the 20 townships within it - with half or more of their sections incorporated or developed- producers have "recently requested nearly 1,000 drilling permits".   What gives with the Wattenberg?   According to the Post:

"Although producers have actively drilled the Wattenberg since 1970, analysts said horizontal drilling has given the field a new lease on life that could last for years".

For those who don't know, "horizontal drilling" means a fracking well could conceivably be 600 to 800 ft. from your home and still get at its oil or gas reserves by the simple mechanism of extending the underground drill apparatus horizontally over that distance and into your back yard. Ok, under your back yard is the better term.

According to Imre Kugler of IHS Markit in Houston, quoted in the article:

"If you take the whole Wattenberg Field , at the current drilling pace, there is a solid 15 years left"

That is a solid 15 years to despoil neighborhoods in townships affected by drilling. 15 years during which home owners can forget about selling their biggest investments because no one in their right mind would buy them.

Let's also take note of this (ibid.):

"Communities in the path of drilling have added 103, 578 people since 2010 which represents a growth of 15.8  percent, according to counts provided by the Colorado Demography Office."

That is 103, 578 new residents many of whom became new home owners, but who've now learned to their great distress they've moved into fracking zones. Endless noise and pollution and exponentially falling property values. 

Can oil and gas drillers just bust in and do anything they want- including fouling up your neighborhood with fumes and subjecting it to endless drilling noise, as well as threatening your water and your kids' health? Damned straight they can. Under the state's “forced-pooling” statute - which dates from the 1930s- an oil and gas company can get a property owner’s mineral rights, with compensation, even if the owner doesn’t want to sell or lease them.   Thus, if oil or lots of natural gas was found under our home, frackers could just set up drilling to go beneath and extract whatever's there to their heart's content. Never mind the averse effects and inconvenience, there isn't a goddamned thing we could do about it. Take it to the state supreme court? Ha! Don't make me laugh!  Each time townships or communities have tried that route, the state court quashed it.

Just last year, in fact, Longmont and Fort Collins had their efforts to restrict drilling struck down by the state's top court. That court, along with the COGCC firmly believes it's better you and your kids suffer from rashes, respiratory distress and cancers than that they lose money from stymied frack operations.

This is not to say that other metro areas, communities have also suffered the same fate. It appears to depend on: a) existing population density, or b) whether the community governors or city council wields enough power  (and will) - as well as state house backing - to stop the frackers.   In terms of (a) the model city is LA for which we learn "dense development on top of a prolific basin killed off new drilling".

How so? Well, 17 million people live in the Los Angeles basin "including 1.7 million within a mile of an active oil and gas well" - this according to 2015 estimates from the California Council on Science and Technology.   Basically, then, there are simply too many people squeezed into the area to allow any more drilling activity - hence "existing wells have gone into hiding, taking on building facades or relocating to islands off the coast."

As an example of (b) there is Pittsburgh sitting in the middle of the Western Pennsylvania field.  But in November, 2010, "Pittsburgh City Council banned drilling within city limits."

According to Imre Kugler:

"Pittsburgh has been off limits from Day One, the whole metro area. Nobody has tried to drill there and it's a pain dealing with Pennsylvania".

So there's at least one city and state which appears to have its citizens' welfare a higher priority. At least now. Recall that it took documentaries ('Gasland', 'Gasland II') by Josh Fox to shed light on the fracking issue and potential for well leaks in PA.   See e.g.

Meanwhile, here in Colorado our  fake protectors like the COGCC have enabled the oil and gas giants to take over citizens' lives and render their priorities irrelevant. This has left many Colorado land and homeowners frustrated and feeling that the deck is stacked against them. A driller needs only a single mineral owner to sign a lease, and then everyone else is dragged into the pool. Add to that the oil and gas commission’s liberal approval of pooling orders and the stage is set for potential misuse of the statute.

A link at the end of this post highlights what conditions were for millions of American property owners just three years ago. Now, the drilling has gotten much worse and even more widespread   - especially here in Colorado.  Newcomers that plunked down huge down payments barely 7-8 years ago are now regretting their home purchase decisions as they see the extent to which fracking -drilling has wrecked their home values.  They are raising their voices at town hall meeting, but alas, few are taking them on. 

The unspoken message to anyone planning to move to NE Colorado is: Be prepared for the possibility that your investment could end up quickly in the crapper.  Do you really want to take that crap shot?  Many of those 103,000- odd  newcomers that moved here since 2010 wouldn't do it over again. They are now saddled with homes that have become economic prisons as the oil and gas drillers chip away at the quality of their lives.

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